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Default Mate Orientation of Flat Head Screws in Countersink

Question asked by Timothy Nagi on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Kelvin Lamport

Hello Everyone,


I'm inserting 82 degree flat head screws into countersunk holes in my assembly, and the default mate when I drag and drop seems to be a coincident mate between the countersink and the conical underside of the screw head -- which is exactly what I want.  However, the default orientation does not have the two conical faces parallel.  I realize I can just press Tab to flip the orientation, but it seems slightly ridiculous to have to do that when I would think it's obvious that the two faces should be in the orientation that makes them parallel.


Does anyone know of a way to switch the default mate orientation on this?  I'm going to be using quite a few of these screws, and it would probably save me some time in the long run if the default orientation was the correct orientation.