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Network license is not released after shutting down Solidworks

Question asked by Martin Behling on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Anyone else have any problems with SW not releasing the network license once you close the program.  This happens every time I use the software.  Usually having this happen is not a problem, except when our IT department is performing maintenance on the servers.  There have been times that I have known that the server will be going down shortly, so I'd like to check-out a license so that I can continue to work.  Whenever I have tried to do this, I exit SolidWorks, but it never releases the license that I was just using.  If I open SolidNetWork License Manager, it still shows me using a license on my machine.  Because it won't release the license, I cannot check one out.  So far, right now, it has been 1/2 hour since I closed SolidWorks, and it still shows that I am using a license.  Windows task manager doesn't show any other SW process running.  If there is a SW process still running, the name and description do not make it apparent that it is a SW component, so I cannot identify it... Only thing I see in the Process list is the SW License Manager, since I have opened that to check out the license.  Refreshing or closing and re-opening SW license manager doesn't change the situation either.


I've attached a screen capture of the processes running (in windows task manager).


Anyone have any ideas?  It's really frustrating when this happens!