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CPU 100% while viewing

Question asked by Feng Wei on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Feng Wei

I notice while computing or selecting a feature or surface from Design Tree my CPU usage always spikes to 100%.  What should I do with my computer?  My computer configuration is as follows:  Dell Precision,T7600,MT,1300W  Eight Core XEON E5-2650,2.0GHz, 20M, 8.0 GT/s,Turbo+  16GB DDR3 RDIMM 1600,ECC,4x4GB   Nvidia Quadro K5000, 4GB, 2 DP + DVIi +DVId, Dell Precision Tx600    1TB,SATA,3.5",7200,32M C1 SATA 3.5 Inch,1-4 Hard Drive,Dell Precision T7600