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Greater than less than equation?

Question asked by Chad Hawkenson on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by Chad Hawkenson

Help please!

I need help with an equation.

I would like to would like to control the suppression of a feature based on a global variable. I have this so far but can not get it to work properly:

NAME                                             VALUE/EQUATION

CUT-EXTRUDE4                                =IF("DOORWIDTH">24.0625<29,"UNSUPPRESSED","SUPPRESSED")

CUT-EXTRUDE5                                =IF("DOORWIDTH">29.0625<36,"UNSUPPRESSED","SUPPRESSED")

CUT-EXTRUDE6                                =IF("DOORWIDTH">36.0625<48,"UNSUPPRESSED","SUPPRESSED")


As you can see as my door width variable changes I just wan't a certain feature suppressed or not.  If my door is 32" I want CUT-EXTRUDE5 unsuppresed. I just dont think I have the equation written properly.  Can someone help please with a greater than less than equation.