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How to automate the creation of a multi-sheet drawing from assembly and components

Question asked by Thomas Pollock on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by Dheeraj S

Does anyone have any ideas on a method to automate the creation of a multi-sheet assembly drawing containing:

  1. Isometric view of assembly on Sheet 1
  2. Standard 3-view on Sheet 2
  3. And a separate sheet for each part in the assembly with Standard 3-views for each


II find it quite tedious to create each sheet of the drawing manually and feel that there must be a better way. I wouldn't expect each sheet to be perfect but a starting point for which to detail the drawing.


I'm just learning about macros so it will probably take me a while to create this macro but I have a couple ideas on how it could be done. My initial idea is to create a drawing template with predefined views on 3 sheets as described above. Then run a macro that would populate these first three sheets and continue creating new sheets for as many parts as are in the assembly. I have more questions than answers on this idea.


I also thought of an idea that might be easier to code. It hs two parts. First I'd point to a folder and tell the macro to create a drawing for each part or assembly within that folder. The template would be 3 views and Iso so I'd then have a folder full of single sheet drawings. Then the second part of the macro would combine all these drawings into one muli-sheet drawing. At that point I could easily move the Iso of the assembly to it's own sheet and be well on my way in a fraction of the time it takes me now.


If anyone has any ideas or snippets of code that would be useful or anything at all on this topic, could you please share them with me. I have been searching everywhere for info on this topic and I can't find anything useful yet. I'm really surprised this isn't a more common question too, based on how long it can take to make a 50 page drawing. This would cut the time down considerably. I will definitely post the code if and when I ever figure it out.