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Configuration - Not Staying Suppressed

Question asked by James Han on Feb 13, 2013



I am having an issue with configurations for Solidworks. At this moment in time, I am having issues with Weld Beads, but I believe this issue occurs for many other things such as features, dimensions, etc. but I do not notice them as much as problems with Suppressing/Unsuppressing Weld Beads because it takes me 20 minutes to Suppress Weld Beads.


I have 4 configurations: A,B,C,D

Current configuration: "B"

When I right-click => "configure feature" I get the modify configurations dialog.

I set certain features (namely a couple weld beads) to be suppressed in all configurations except the current configuration "B" and click "Okay"

When I change configurations to configuration "C" then all the Suppresses that I checked for "C" disappear, but all the other suppresses are still displayed correctly.

I can set all the suppresses/unsuppresses again from configure feature and when I switch configurations to another configuration that I have yet to visit with the new set of features such as config "A", then the Suppresses become Unsuppressed for configuration "A", but not for "B" or "C".


This problem only occurs the First Time I switch to an affected configuration after designating the configuration-specific attributes (such as suppress/unsuppress).

Switching configurations back to one that I had already RE-configured does not give me any inconsistencies/issues.



My configurations properties also has the

"Suppress new features and mates" & "Suppress new components" options checked


Picture Attached: (dont count default as one of the A-D)

1: Configuration "B" - set suppresses/unsuppresses for config "A","B","C","D"

2: Switch configuration to "A" - features are unsuppressed