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    Testusers needed: Swap3D (create simplified models and cleanup imported files)

    Jan Jurjen Zwaard

      Hello you all,


      I am looking for users who are willing to test my new SolidWorks add-in: Swap3D.


      Swap3D can be used to create simplified models, or to cleanup imported geometry.


      Sure, you can use simplification from SolidWorks, but in some (most?) cases it's just too limited.


      With Swap3D you can:

      - Simplify Parts by:

           - Delete (or not) features by name

           - Delete features by relative volume

           - Delete (or not) bodies by name

           - Delete bodies by absolute or relative volume

           - Remove rounded edges smaller than a certain radius

           - Join solidbodies

           - Keep only the largest bodies in your model (e.g. top 25 largest bodies)

      Simplify Assemblies by:

           - Delete toolbox components

           - Delete assembly features

           - Delete envelope components

           - Delete components 'excluded from BOM'

           - Delete components by name

           - Delete components by absolute or relative volume

           - Replacing all components with the simplified version

           - Save assembly as Part (all components or exterior components)

           - Join the solid bodies in the new Part file


      The simplified file can be used for different reasons:

      - Use as web geometry (all details are removed)

      - Obfuscate your model to prevent reverse engineering when you share them

      - Build lay-outs very quickly

      - Protect you intellectual property

      - Make sales drawings


      I have posted a few filmps onYouTube, but more will follow:





      I hope that some of you are willing to test Swap3D and one of you may obtain a free license!


      If you are willing to test Swap3D, you can contact me at jjzwaard@swap3d.com


      (I am still working on my website)