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Assembly mating feature rebuilds

Question asked by austin wong on Feb 13, 2013

In solidworks 2012 sp4 I never had a problem bringing in parts, mating them, or copying parts with mates however in SW13 my assembly builds have become much more slow.


I am assuming that the reason behind this slow build is due to the fact that now every part rebuilds once a new part is mated into position.  Is there a way to turn of the part rebuild so that I can rebuild it after all of the parts are in position?


In the copy with mates tool, it seriously takes me one click, then a solid minute of waiting, then on to the next mate click, etc.


I must mention that the parts that take a long time to mate are both parts that have relations to existing geometries in the mold as well as parts that have been built completely independant of the mold geometry


Austin Wong