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    TIP: Creating a checked out report to send to your users

    Joy Garon

      Hi All,


      When I'm ready to perform vault maintenance, I found it useful to email my vault users a list of the documents they have checked out and where they're checked out.


      To accomplish this I create a search favorite (CHECKED OUT REPORT) that uses a custom Search Result column set containing 3 columns:

      1. <Checked Out By>
      2. <Name>
      3. <Checked Out In>


      I use the Search Tool (instead of embedded search) so that I can open the results in Excel (using the Excel Open search result icon at the top of the search tool).


      Once I run the search and open the results in Excel, I select View, Macros, View Macrosand Run the SplitCells macro (macro attached).

      This creates a named worksheet tab for each user with a list of their checked out files.


      I found that this type of report helps me debug any check-in issues we typically encounter.