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Applying features created in an assembly to individual parts

Question asked by Max Curran on Feb 13, 2013
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Hi Everyone,


I'm sorry if this is a silly question - I'm very inexperienced in this software and just kind of learning as I go.


I created an assembly of many parts, a lot of which are to be attached via screws. In order to properly align the screws I created these holes in the assembly file, only to discover upon trying to make drawings of individual parts that these features were not carried over to the individual parts when created and only exist when part of the assembly.


Is there any way to retroactively apply these features created in an assembly to the individual parts? Like I said it's almost all holes, but I did a few extrude cuts in the assembly that I'd also like to be applied to the parts files so I can make proper drawings. I guess I could go back and redo all of these features in the individual parts files but it'd save me a lot of time if there's a better way!


Thanks in advance for any help!