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unable to edit dimensions on line creation

Question asked by Brooks Peschke on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by Peter Muesch

this is not an emergency more of a curiosity. 


every so often i will be creating a sketch and completely lose the ability to edit sketch dimensions.  I draw a line the dim is automatically set to add itself and open the edit window.  except the window does not open and a double click on the dim does not open the window either.  it acts like a driven dim but its the only line in the sketch.  once this occurs NO dimensions can be editted AT ALL until SW is reloaded.  I can save files and when i open them after restart the problem is gone and everything is where its supposed to be.  i cannot recreate this behavior and it is extremely rare, im just curious to see if it happens to anyone else.


thanks for indulging me