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    Raytracing in SolidWorks via API?

    Valkyrie Savage

      I am trying to perform some basic model modifications on a SolidWorks entity for computer vision, one of which is inserting mirrors to see around corners.

      Has anyone done raytracing/raycasting using the SolidWorks API?  I need to be able to cast and reflect rays to determine where mirrors should go.

      How does one even get the correct bodies for this kind of action via the API? Or is a better option to export to STL and do it on that information in some other program, then back-import the suggested changes?

      I'd love to do this by hand, but unfortunately it needs to be programmatic. I'm using the C# API, but I don't think it actually makes any difference. I'm running Student Edition Standard SolidWorks 2012.


      Any pointers are helpful!