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    Drawing shows an old model in the drawing views but 'references' link shows new model

    James Gibson

      Recently started using Solidworks 2012 SP4. In previous versions of SW I often created new drawings for similar parts by taking the old drawing, copying it with a new name. Then taking the old part that needed minor changes, copy it and give it a new name. Then I would open the new drawing, change the model reference to the new part, open it ... and have all of the drawing views and dimensions in place. The point of doing this is to reduce dimensioning time since the new part is so similar to the old part. In SW 2012 when I tried this process it doesn't work. I open the new drawing, it says that it is referencing the new model, and when I right-click on a drawing view it opens up the new model but the drawing views all show the old model. Please note: I have no 'old' view references in the view palatte. I do this time saving process often and I prefer not to create a completely new dwg and completely re-dimension it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!