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Flow around 3D thin wing

Question asked by Benoit Vincent on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Josiah Lund

Hello everybody,


I am using Flow Simulation to calculate drag and lift coefficients for different incident angles of a thin wing.



Re is about 2 000 000.

The wing is inclined in the model so that I can simply use Vx=1, Vy=0, Vz=0.

There are arround 30k partial cells on the wing surface and about 300k fluid cells, reffinement is used each travel.







Problem is the Cd Cl values I get are about 30% underestimated (compared to tank trials and fluent simulations, which give about same values than trials).

I tried "thin wall optimisation" but it doesn't improve.


Does anybody have an idea to improve these simulations ?

From the tutorails, I can see that no example is given for that kind of external flow, is it a way to suggest FS doesn't fit this kind of application ?


Tanks for help !