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Create Custom Tool Bars?

Question asked by Keith Heupel on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by JOHN GEORGE

Solid Works 2012


I find that the Sketch tool bar is too big to fit on the right of the screen when anchored with all its buttons shown. Yes it allows to pick the double arrow down to see more, but that is another button click and they are not visable untill then.


Is there a way to one or ALL of the following:

1)Anchor the tool bar with a double width instead of a single width?

2) Break up the Sketch tool bar into 2 (two) tool bars so both can be anchored on the right side?  Make a custom Tool bar. 

3) Make or modify a tool bar with the tools I use the most (but still having the option to see them later without reset)? Make a custom Tool bar or modify the existing tool bar.

4) Re-order the tool icons order so the ones I don't use as often to be down below that would be in the double arrow down area?


Of course this would apply to other tools also, I just used the Sketch tool bar as an example.