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saving a toolbox bolt as a customized part into PDMworks

Question asked by Ori Wolpe on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Tim Besser



I've encountered the following problem:

I took a shoulder screw from the S.W 2010 toolbox, and modified it. I also saved it with a new name in my assembly.

Unfortunately, after uploading the assembly into the pdm, I noticed the his part wasn't uploaded, and that there's link from it, like a standard toolbox part.

I saw this post:

but it didn't help me...we use the sp.4 and don't have the option shown there...

Is there any workaround other than going and modeling part from scratch?:-)

It seems as if there's some hidden "flag" to it - we tried to rename the part and checking it again on its own (not part of the whole assembly check in) but as soon as we try we get the msg. saying that checking in a library/tool box part isn't allowed by the Admin. (BTW, the admin tried to delete the link showing this part in the pdm as library/toolbox part, but couldn't do it!)


I also attached a picture showing that the pdm's showing this part as "toolbox references"


Please help.