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Inserting from Toolbox to Assembly

Question asked by Glen Vogt on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

SW 2013 x64 SP02--My request for help involves inserting a part created from Toolbox into an assembly.

Example 1: In Toolbox  RMB on any structural member,screw, bolt...whatever, and create a part. Save the part under a new name. Checking the properties of the new part shows the read-only box is unchecked. Insert that part into an existing or new assembly - no problem. Next--Alter the part in any way, such as the extrude cut or hole wizard feature. Insert the altered part into an assembly, save and close. Reopen the assembly and the part reverts to it's original Toolbox form. In the Feature Manager Design Tree the name reverts to it's original name. Inserting parts that I have created from scratch works fine.

Example 2: Following the same procedures on a different computer using SW 2012, everything works fine over there. Email the part as an attachment to my work station. Save and close. Reopen the part and the alterations are intact. Insert the part into my assembly, save and close. Reopen the assembly and the part, along with it's name in the Feature Manage Design Tree, reverts to it's original form.

On top of that I've lost my preview of the Toolbox created part along with that of my assembly.

Any ideas?


Thanks for your help--Glen