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question on how to add relation between midpoint of line and origin

Question asked by Dave Krum on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Wayne Schafer

Hello All,

New to this forum.  Had Solidworks 2008 for 5 years and never used at work.  Now I'm trying to refresh memory on the basics of sketching and weldments to get refamiliarized.  I've been following tutorials in the book and have a simple question on how to add a relation that links the origin to the midpoint of a line.  I sketched a lower left/upper right rectangle with the lower left being at the origin.  Now the book is saying to make the lower horizontal line midpoint to be at the same point as the origin by adding a relation.  I feel dumb that I can't figure this out.  I paged thru the manual and cannot find how to do this (searched online too).  I'm sure its simple.  I believe you have to right click on the lower horizontal line of the rectangle (once out of sketch command or must I still be within command?).  Once I right click I can choose "select midpoint" of the line, then I've read that you have to hold down CTRL and choose the origin point but not sure what to do next in order to put the midpoint of that line at the origin.  Any help is appreciated!  This is driving me crazy.  I did a whole tutorial on a frame weldment but it didn't have much info on adding relations.  Thanks!