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Global variables cramping my style!

Question asked by Jim Weatherly on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Jim Weatherly

Is there a way of turning off the Global variable popup?

For the 13 years that I have been running SolidWorks I have been using the same set of hot keys.

I use single stroke keys for most uses;


r is rotate

p is for pan

d is for dimension

n is for normal to.......

You get the idea.


This has been simple and never has been a problem. Until now. 2013 has included the instant global variable pop up when placing a dimension in a feature.

The problem comes when I want use one of my single digit hot keys when the dimension field has the focus. Solidworks is expecting a single digit to be used as a variable So I have a fight on my hands when i say for example want to zoom out or rotate the image before I place the dimension.

By hitting any single alpha key, I trigger the global variable monster into taking control and then I need to select one of the previous dimensions on the drop down list to proceed. several steps latter I can place the dimension.


Some of you out there will have seen this action. And I admit it sounds silly but it really effects my work flow! I am forced to re set my hot keys to have an Alt or Control key before the alpha key (the global variable monster will not be triggered with Alt or Control preceeding the alpha caricter). In effect I need to re learn the key board. After 13 years.


I realize this is probably coming across as a rant but i needed to vent. I would not expect Solidworks to change the way global variables work so that little old me can use my lazy single digit hot key system. But This just feels like there should be a check box to dissable the Global variable dropdown.


Has anyone else seen this?


2013 is working fine otherwise.