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    Working in 3D Regime

      You are going to have to post the part or images of what you are trying to acheive. WHat is a ventilator and why is it a tetrahedron?
        • Working in 3D Regime
          I have a sketch of a ventilator: then i used 3d sketch to make some sort of a triangle with base consisting of three points and one point on top - now i try to cut it out but nothing works unless i build 4th point at base and use Extract Cut - but that poses big problems for me because the fourth point has to be on teh same plane as other three points and its a lot of work plus i have to cut out 20 triangles like this and all identical. Please help!

          Little question: is it possible to select 20+ figures in 3d regime and cut them all at once because i wnat this action to be registered as one action in the Tree of Feauture Management for easy correction for the feauture (p.s. Linear massive won't work because all triangles are at different positions in xyz.