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Screw mate quastion

Question asked by Lojze Bohor on Feb 11, 2013
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i have a little problem applying a screw mate, as you can see on picture 1:




What i am trying to do is apply the green thread rod to be coincident with axial bearing (blue) and have a screw mate with threaded bushing (yellow),

so when you rorate the green rod, the upper construction with the yellov bushing moves linear up and down, depending on the rotation. Basicaly the rod

only rotates and the bushing (with construction) moves up and down.


If I do the coincident mate with the blue bearing and then apply the screw mate with the rod and the bushing i get the components in place, yet the movement

doesnt work-->when rotating the rod the construction with bushing does not move. If i apply the screw mate only, i get the movement, but the rod is not coincident with

the bearing.




Could someone please advise what is the correct way to accomplish the movement.