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Editing sheetmetal feature does not update bends in 2013

Question asked by Garrett Lewis on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by Michael Duncan

Is anybody else having some issues with this?


I've been using 2010 for a while and we just upgraded to 2013. I have sp2 installed. To me, it seems the sheetmetal functions are very buggy in 2013.


When I start a new sheet metal part, it has my material thickness & k-factor from the last part I made. No problem here.


If I have a part with a different bend radius, I cannot change it in the sheetmetal feature, to update all bends or change my defualt for new bends. Modifying the sheetmetal feature in 2013, like I used to in 2010, will not update them. I have to change each bend radius in the flange feature. Same with K-factor/bend deduction/etc, but I can modify those by clicking on the actual bend radius directly, or in the flange feature.


Also, cut features with "link to thickness" as depth do not work correctly if the flange is thickened later. Eg. I start with a part .059 thick, make a few flanges, then change it to .074 thick. Link to thickness will only use the original .059 value.



Any ideas or news for this? I couldn't come up with anything searching. Thanks