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    Graphics card help

    Jerome Deakin

      Hi I am new to solidworks and this forum and would greatly appreciate the advice off experienced users. I am a university student studying mechanical engineering and this years module heavy feature solidworks for assemblies containing approx 200 parts, FEA simulations and flow simulations. I have purchased a second hand hp workstation which I have already upgraded to the following specs


      Dual xeon E5540 2.4 Ghz CPU

      16 gb Ram

      120 gb ssd drive


      My question is regarding the graphics card, I have bought a quadro fx 580, I know this is an old low end card but being a student this is all I could afford. Would this card be adequate for the assembly and the simulations as I've seen a deal on a firepro v4800, this is also a low end budget card but would the increase in memory make a substantial difference in the performance of solidworks 2012 or should I just save up and get a modern card in the future when I can afford it



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          Jerry Steiger



          Either card should work OK for the work you are doing. The V4800 may be a bit better, but I doubt that it will make a very big difference. It may be more of a problem getting approved drivers for the older card.


          Jerry S.

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              Jerome Deakin

              Cheers for the response jerry I've already checked on the solidworks site and the nvidia site and the fx 580 is supported by the 2012 version and I can download the drivers so its probably better to save up for a new quadro card like the 2000 or perhaps a firepro v5900 in the future and upgrade the ram and run another ssd in raid0 for now