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    Dell FEA and CFD (Flowworks) Workstation

    Robert Chivers



      Can anybody help with some information or specification on a suitable Dell solution for running FEA and CFD analysis. I appreciate that there could be better solutions from other companies but my company has a Dell corporate deal. I have no budget concerns, I just need a Dell solution that can reduce the processing time.


      With regards to the FEA/CFD, is it possible to link workstation to reduce the processing?.

      Does FEA/CFD benefit from multi-threading or would more physical processors be better?

      Would it be better to have solid state drives?

      Would a top end Graphics Card be beneficial?


      My current specification is:-


      Dell - Precision T7500

      Intel Xeon X5675 @3.07 GHz

      Ram - 12Gb

      OS - Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit.

      Graphics - Nvidia Quadro 600


      Many thanks for the help.



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          Jerry Steiger



          You might get more responses if you ask this in the Simulation/Flow and Administration forums.


          The folks who use Flow will know about the best setup for that program. I believe that is does help to have more processors. A cluster may work, but I don't know at what point the slow IO between workstations causes problems. The Flow people can also tell you how much help a high end graphics card will be. I think I have heard that Flow is one of the few places where a high end card really is useful.


          The folks in Adminstration can give you the best scoop on the fastest machines. SSD seems like a good idea for most people.


          Jerry S.