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    Can i get a contractor to log into my EPDM

    Diarmuid Boland

      Hi all.


      Can I get a contrator to log into my EPDM with restricted permissions, access files remotely without having to set up a replication server?




      Cheers Dee

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          Ravi Teja


                You can setup a userID for your contractor and give rights to him as needed.

               Setup EPDM Webserver and ask you Contractor to use Epdm through Web.

               You can try VNC if you dont want to setup web server or you dont have lic.


               What version of EPDM are you on ?





          Ravi T

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            Tim Webb

            Hi Diarmuid,


            Once you setup the web server, you need to have a process. EPDM will measure, track, and status the process but EPDM is not the process.


            Below is the process I have used to manage external vendors:


            • Create a "Vendor Access" area of EPDM with subfolders for each vendor.
            • Each vendor needs read permissions in their specific folder and a few other folders like "Design Standards", "Process Specs", "Legacy Data", etc.
            • Each vendor also needs read permissions in the released (published) state of each of these folders.
            • When drawings are released, assign the role to Document Control (or even just one person) to share the released data (PDF or STEP file) to their folder.
            • Train the vendors how to ensure they are working with the latest version.
            • Configure EPDM to notify the vendor when drawings hit the released state again.


            If your company's data is structured where you can take advantage of a process like this, then great!


            Some companies have all their released data get published to a centralized document controlled server, other companies don't really have a process. The goal is to determine how EPDM can be configured and "formed" to work with the flow of information in your company.


            This process hits the highlights and works well.


            Hope this helps.



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              Raghavendra Bhagwan

              Hello Dee,


              As Tim & Ravi mentioned, You can configure the EPDM Webserver to provide access to external contacts,


              1) What stage of the workflow, Contractor would need to have access to files, Will he edit files or only view ?

              2) Will multiple contractors exists on the same project ?

              3) Every time a contactor logs-in to your webclient, It consumes on Contributor license, You may have to have sufficient licenses to

              avoid any crunches.


              But do remember that you would need a significant infrasturcture (Firewall, Public IP,Hardware).


              I would suggest you get your re-seller or a solution partners involved, in this as they can help you better.


              Hope this helps !




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                Joy Garon

                Hi Dee,


                You have a couple of options:


                1) Configure a webserver and allow users to access the vault via the contributor web client.

                2) Allow access via VPN


                Both of these options require IT involvement. If these options are beyong your scope, you might consider have you vault hosted on a cloud server by a 3rd party company (eg: http://www.epigrid.com/)