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Multiple user project management with EPDM - short version

Question asked by Thomas Pollock on Feb 10, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Thomas Pollock

Let's say a product design project needs to get done asap. The client wants to see a detailed assembly drawing with individual part prints included. Within the framework of EPDM, how could four CAD designers split up the workload so that they could each be working on different elements of the project at the same time?


My main focus of this quesion is, can one person be detailing the drawing, while the parts and assembly are still in progress? Can the EPDM set up so that parts, assemblies, and drawings can be checked out at the same time to be worked on? If so are there any techniques such that edits to parts or assmembly components don't cause a drawing in progress to blow up with broken references all over the place?