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Draftsight Cut / Paste is wigging me out

Question asked by Scott Lufkin on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by Matthew Copperwheat

I love Draftsight. I think for free, it is an awesome piece of software and a berilliant marketing move for SolidWorks.


Since installing it on my new computer at my new job, the cut/paste is whacked out.

Any of you seen this behavior:?

1- Cut or Copy a block;

This can be done with right click Cut, Copy, Copy w/ base point, CTRL;C, CTRL:X ....I have tried them all. Also have tried copying from the same drawing file I am working in or a different file......

2- Paste it.........again, right click Paste, Paste as block, CTRL:V, whatever way I choose.


It will paste something. But its like a box-o-Chocolates. Sometimes I get what I want. Sometimes I get something that I pasted yesterday, Or maybe last week...... This is super frustrating...


I did just find out that if I use the <Copy> button, it does work reliably, but that only works when copying from within the same drawing file. I really need to be able to copy/paste from a different drawing (symbol library) into my drawing.