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    Flow simulation effects on Solidworks performance

    Cylo Master

      Hey all,


      Just a general question. Dont have any actual benchmark data. But i notice Flow simulation bogs down simple solidworks work flows like editing in assembly mode even just selecting parts hang the program for a minute, rebuilds take longer etc


      Was wondering if anyone else experiance this drastic change when the add in is turned on.


      My pc specs are all compatible and capable to run solidworks 2011 sp4


      i7 3820

      32gb ram

      ssd 250

      quadro fx1800


      Any testimonials would be appreciated

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          Jared Conway

          My system is similar to yours but with a more powerful graphics card, windows 7 x64 and SolidWorks 2013, I don't experience significant lag working with Flow Simulation enabled unless there is a Flow Simulation project associated with the configuration/parts that I'm working with. Even then, the lag is acceptable and expected. Without an associated project, I can't think of any significant lag (it's there but not inhibiting), but it wouldn't surprise me because Flow Simulation is additional memory overhead and linked into SolidWorks such that it can be prepared for geometry changes that require a computational domain update..etc.


          That being said, something in the back of my mind remembers some performance issues back in the 2010/2011 days in this respect, But I remember them only happening when there were projects associated with the configurations of the assembly/part that you're working with.


          If you're doing heavy SolidWorks modeling, is there a reason why Flow Simulation can't be disabled? This is something we generally recommend to all of our users regardless of what the add-in is.

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              Cylo Master

              Thanks Jared for the reply


              You reiterated a few times that if my assemblies include several parts and multiple configurations that would have an effect on my performance. Which ironically is the case.

              I should have been more specific in my description that the performance issues are happening when the assembly file is getting cluttered with multiple configurations etc etc.


              Also i believe the vga has little to do with it.


              but to add on your comment dealing with issues of solidworks 2010 and 11 with flowsimulations...... i have heard that these two version are a bit bugy, and that starting from 2012 flow simulation performance changes significantly, expecially when it comes to ustilizing your pc's performance.


              Thanks again

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                  Jared Conway

                  Hi Cylo, do all your configurations have Flow Simulation projects attached to them? Does performance improve when Flow Simulation is not enabled during your solidworks session?


                  Overall, regardless of version, if you have a lot of configurations, performance will be lower than if you have less. If those configurations have flow simulations attached to them and flow simulation is enabled, it is likely that performance will be hampered.


                  One way that this was dealt with in 2013 was that you don't need unique configurations for each flow project. One configuration can have multiple projects. From what I've seen, that has helped with performance because you've reduced the number of configurations. For 2012, I can't remember any enhancements about interface performance but there were breakthroughs with improvments in solve time using multi-core. And between 2010/2011 and 2012/2013, I wouldn't classify one as less buggy as another. They are all pretty solid but definitely have some quirks. But no show-stoppers that weren't resolved in an SP.

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                      Cylo Master

                      Hi Jared,


                      Yes its clearly when there are multiple simulations configurations in the model that this happens. Just disappointing because the performance of solidworks really goes down just when there are multiple simulation configurations and flow simulation is added in



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                          Jared Conway

                          Hi Cylo, if you can upgrade to 2013, I think you'll see a significant improvement with new assemblies with flow configurations. (Old ones will still have 1 project per configuration arrangement)


                          However, I'd also suggest you submit this to your reseller to take a look at. If each of your configurations does not have a flow project, the performance shouldn't really change. If you haven't done so, I would highly recommend the last SP of 2011 if you can't go to 2013 just to make sure it isn't something that was an issue that was fixed. If the problem still exists, they should be able to help you narrow down what configuration(s) are causing the issue and eliminate the issue. Or they might be able to help determine if you need those configurations. We find that many customers have configurations when they should use display states. In that end, you might be able to improve performance all-around. They may even find something I'm not thinking of regarding performance in 2011, but there is nothing that comes to my mind.