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Revision control with wPDM

Question asked by Christian Chu on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by Christian Chu

We are not using any PDM  at all.  We back up everything (current revision) daily to the server. Each time there needs a revision changed, we created a zip folder for that part including solidworks part, solidworks draiwing, PDF for 2D drwaing and step file for 3D model and archived the zip folder in diff. server.

Now we are thinking of installing workgroup PDM  and using it. I  need some advice - should we do the same way (only keep current rev. on the vault and archive the previsous rev. in diff. server) or using wPDM to control the rev? and if we decide to use wPDM to control the rev. then all previous rev. should be saved in the vault and is there any problem of doing it???

Thx for any help