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    path planning simulation

      Dear Support/User

      I have a serial robotic arm with 3 rotational joints, for following a specified trajectory, i need to change the values of the joint angles several times and several steps. The values of joints are obtained by an engine designed in matlab. for instance i should give:

      step1: link1= fixed [teta1 teta2 teta 3]=[30 52 28],
      step2: link1= fixed [teta1 teta2 teta 3]=[30 54 26],
      step1: link3= fixed [teta1 teta2 teta 3]=[30 58 30],

      How can i join these steps together to have the robot follow the pass in continious way.

      Thax for help
        • path planning simulation
          You could use the STEP function inside CosmosMotion.
          STEP defines a value changing linearly in a finite range of time.
          Before and after the range, the value is constant.
          STEP does a cubic fitting of this 3-segment law (STEP5 is available for a quintic law).
          You must drive each axis independently.
          To combine different laws (and different steps) in time, you can simply ADD expressions each other.