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    Favourites tab in New Document window?

    Shahid Shaik

      I wonder a favourites tab in 'New Solidworks Document' window will be quite useful. Especially global companies who use SW as CAD tool will have templates not exceeding 100 no's depending on the project, client .,etc. A end user may only need couple of templates which he repeatedly work depending on the projects assigned. A favorites tab would be quite useful to him with only his favourite templates selected from the list of templates in new document window.... Any suggestions?

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          John Seyler



          If this is what you are referring to...

          all you need to do is add sub folders to your Document folder file location - In your case you would add a folder called Favorites....

          Each Sub Folder you add creates a Tab.

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              Shahid Shaik



              Thank you for the response. Yes, this is possible as workaround by creating a favorite folder and copy those frequent used templates into it. But, here i am looking for a additional functionality like (in most cases the template folders are write access protected and changes are made on templates as per client\project requirement), #from your screen capture i want to select a template and Add it to Favorites from the Rt click selection window. This should allow the software to create a temp folder under user profile > common data > Solidworks and copy the chosen templates. And so they can sync with changes made to the original copies and should be included in swsettings files.


              In simple terms as similar as Windows Favourites.


              Before i raise enhancement request i want to hear some opinions from the group...