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Using Custom Properties and Property Tab Builder with BOM generation

Question asked by Thomas Kuhn on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Thomas Kuhn

I am pulling ut my hair right now trying to figure out how to fix the mess I created. 


I am relativly new to SW, especially the BOM generation and custom properties for parts.  So here is what I did.  I created a Custom properties tab using ther Tab Builder, including abunch of stuff I want to assign to each part.  I then started adding those custom properties to each part as I went through.  But when I generated the BOM I notciced that the custom fields I could select from are what I used for "Name" in the Tab builder and not the "Caption".  One field I had as upper case and one as lower.  I then went and cheanged the template using the tab builder to make EVERYTHING upper case (Caption and Name).  After getting the new template loaded (F5) , some old entries where gone, I figured due to the new "name".  But the drop downs on a new BOM table to select the column type still have some old lower case, and not all of the upper case.  I also think there are some parts that older custom fileds, fields that are no longer needed, or need to be renamed.


So how can I get all of my parts on the same template again, with all the right Custom Fileds?  DO I need to erase all the old custom fields?  Is there a way to simply overwrite all the old custom fields with all the new ones.  It did not look like the updated template Names got saved to the Custom fields (When looking at them under Properties).