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Solidworks Programming and PDMWorks

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Feb 7, 2013
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I have been asked to look into programming the SolidWoks API to develop macros to make certain tasks easier. Specifically we need to locate a single project in the vault and extract the drawing PDF'S into a location of the users choosing. I found a macro on the forum that will extract the drawing PDF'D from the vault but it does it for every project. I have been trying to get it to search for a specified folder to no avail. Further more I would like to tie the macro to a "user form" that would allow the user to profide vault login information and the destination path for the files. The next step would to make this a stand alone program for purchasing to use. I have run around in virtual circles trying to figure this out and I may have several wall induced bumps to the head as well. I think I need to begin to learn the process of programming from the begining which brings up some questions.


I know with VSTA I can create stand alone programs but I can't find pdm program information in the VSTA help file. Can I write VSTA code for the pdm vault? I think this may be a silly question, but I ask none the less.


If I am going to learn where should I focus my time, VBA, VSTA or C#?


I know I have unloaded here, feels good........ Any help would be appreciated.




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