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    Load on an edge of a beam: Simulation

    Anand Kothari

      Hello everyone.

      I am using static simulation and i want to put a load on the edge of a beam.. how can i do that.

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          Bill McEachern

          if you are using solid elements pick the edge and apply the load. If you are using beam elements they have no edges - they have the topology of a line. Then add the torque.

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            Anand Kothari

            Thanks Bill and Matthew. Lets take a cantilever beam and try to apply a force at one end using simulation while the other end is fixed. Its giving me error "Cannot apply normal force or torque to edges or vertices". beamUntitled.png

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                Matthew Jackson



                I semi understand what you mean but think the difference in results would be negligible and not to mention you would have to run the analysis twice.


                Once to determine the slope and deflection of the beam so the offset from the neutral axis and beam edge would be known, then the moment perpendicular to the neutral axis could be worked out and a second time to add the moment effects.


                If I take steel square section beam 100mm x 100mm x 1000mm long, fully restrain in all DOF's and apply a 10 kN force to the neutral axis on the free end, I end up with:


                Theta (Slope of Beam) = F x L^2 / 2 EI = 10e3 x 1^2 / 2 x 210e9 x (0.1^4 / 12) = 0.00286 Rads = 0.164 degrees.


                To calculate the distance (x) from the neutral axis to the beam edge:


                x = sin(0.164) x 0.05 = 0.143mm = 0.000143 m


                The moment therefore = 10e3 x 0.000143 = 1.43 Nm


                This would make no difference to the results but would take at least twice as long to work out and is therefore not neccessary.




                To answer your question, you need to select 'selected direction', this then requires a face or plane to be chosen to describe the direction of the applied force as screen shot. Although I would be more inclined to use beam elements rather than solid elements. Hope this helps.


                Beam Edge Load.png