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COTS (Commercial off the shelf)

Question asked by Joy Garon on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by Tom Helsley

Hi Folks -


How are you managing COTS parts your users are downloading from vendors?


Specifically, do you have an item number internally for the vendor part and if you modifiy the vendor part, do you have another item for the modified part?


We are debating the user best practice:

Option 1:

  • User downloads vendor file and pulls an item number and names the file with the item number.
  • User creates new part, inserts vendor part, pulls new item number for modified part and names it accordingly.

Benefit: where used on vendor part


Option 2:

  • User downloads vendor file, modifies, pulls item number and notes the rferenced vendor part on drawing.

Benefit: Only one item number pulled.