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    I need driveworks information

    Mike Philipps



      I am supposed to start setting up driveworks for a cart that we manufacture to automatically produce part numbers and a detailed BOM for purchasing. My VAR has me set up with a gold partner this afternoon to discuss this farther. I was hoping to get more of an over view of driveworks, as I have never used this program before. I wanted to see if there was any powerpoints or in depth papers I could read before the meeting.


      Thanks for any help

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          Maria Sarkar

          Hi Mike

          Do check online where you will find a website for each of the 3 DriveWorks Products.

          • DriveWorksXpress which is included inside every seat of SolidWorks - www.driveworksxpress.com
          • DriveWorks Solo - 30 day trial license available - www.driveworkssolo.com
            The site Includes many video clips on HOW TO set up your project, Training Tutorial, Sample Projects to download and links to FREE webinar sessions where you can find out more.
          • DriveWorks Pro which extends the automation capability company wide - www.driveworkspro.com
            Here you will also be able to access online demos that let you specify new variations of a range of different products.
            If you enter your email details when going through the demos you will receive the results back automatically. Results can be quotes, BOMs, drawings etc etc. It's well worth checking out.