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can this be converted to sheet metal?

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Mark Greenwell

Hi all,


Attached is a part of a 70mm thick cone with 2 ~ cut outs that has been imported from X-Steel as an IFC file into SolidWorks (2013) then saved as a part.


What I am now trying to do is convert this part to a sheet metal part so I can get a flat pattern showing the outer profile and the 2 cut - outs so we can burn it.


I have tried to use the insert bends selected a face then gone and selected all the lines for bending but keep getting error messages see below.



Could someone please have a go at converting this to sheet metal part for me. Or explain where I have gone wrong.




Mark (SolidWorks 2013 sp2)