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    I need some help in solidworks flow simulation

    Mohammed Ismail

      I need some help

      i want to know how to start learnning solidworks flow simulation?

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          Jared Conway

          Hi Mohammed here would be my suggestions:

          1. attend reseller training to get the basics

          2. go through the tutorials inside the software (don't pick and choose, each builds on the next so if you skip some, you'll miss topics that won't be covered in-depth in later projects)

          3. spend some time with the technical reference and solving engineering problems documents

          4. see if your reseller offers one-on-one training for the software. at Hawk Ridge (www.hawkridgesys.com) we offer mentoring where we walk you through the process of applying the software to your specific problem adding in tips and tricks and best practices as we go. I find that this is one of the most effective ways to learn the software because you pick up the experience from that person that you would normally have to build yourself over the years.


          Another option that I've seen work for our customers is to have someone solve your problem as a consulting problem and then ask them to provide you the files. With the files you can learn how they did the analysis. We've done this in conjunction with mentoring for many of our customers and it gets them everything they need, results quickly and the ability to learn for next time.


          Unfortunately there aren't a lot of resources for learning it online, but you might get lucky with your reseller's knowledgebase, the solidworks knowledgebase and video library, and maybe even solidprofessor.