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    Anyone reccomend upgrading to 2013 yet

    Keith McDonald

      We have usually tryed waiting until service pack 3 or 4 before upgrading to a major release. I am being pushed to upgrade now even though sp2 recently came out. Anyone that has upgraded found any gottchas or issues that could convince me one way or another? We deal with very complex models and assemblies and run multiple types of simulation.

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          Mark Kaiser

          I haven't found anything, we've been on 2013 for a few months.


          Can you expand on what type of work you do (thinking it might be helpful if someone does similar work)?

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I went to SW2013.  It has some new features in Drawings that I wanted, otherwise I wouldn't have because we went off subscription at the end of the year so I can't get later service packs.  I still like the new features, and only have a few issues:


            1)  I have Toolbox parts that were saved to our network drive several years ago.  I'm currently working on an assembly using some of these parts, and if I click on a face of one of these in the graphics area SW will crash.  I only remember it happening on one or two assemblies, but it will happen without fail in those assemblies if I forget.  I haven't seen anyone else posting anything about a similar problem, so it may be one of those tricks that SW saves just for me.


            2)  I'm having the issue with the SW window re-sizing if I open a file directly from Windows Explorer, but it's a minor annoyance at most.  There are several discussions here about it.  I seem to remember something about it being fixed with sp2, but of course I can't verify that.


            3)  I have some notes that were saved in my design library.  They sometimes change to a different layer.

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                Jerry Steiger



                I believe that you can go to your VAR and tell them about the issue you are having with window re-sizing and that gives you a magic ticket to get SP2 without being on support. In essence, SW is committed to giving you a service pack if you can show that you suffer from a bug fixed in that pack.


                I could be wrong; this if dredging up discussions from many years ago.


                Jerry S.

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                    Glenn Schroeder

                    Thanks Jerry,


                    I'll check with them tomorrow.


                    Edit, 2013-02-11:  I asked my VAR about getting the service pack, and they checked with SolidWorks.  Here's the answer I got:


                    " Hello Glenn,

                    I just received word from SolidWorks that the SR you are looking to have resolved does not qualify for the service pack update process. They cited a sufficient workaround as a solution to the problem.

                    May I assist you with any other questions today? "

                    I could rant for hours about SW not fixing things that are broken without clients spending more money, but I won't.



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                  Jeff Mirisola

                  There was a time, pre-2009 or so, when waiting to upgrade was the norm. However, since about 2010, SP0 has proven to be a very stable release and most people, I believe, jump in with both feet from the getgo. Honestly, I see absolutely no reason to not upgrade right now.

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                    Richard Gergely

                    I'm waiting for SP3 on 2013 before I upgrade. It's not like 2013 is a major upgrade a few things here and there but nothing that I can see would even reduce my work load by an hour a week.

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                      Peter Farnham

                      There is something strange regarding sheetmetal that may trip you up, ( someone made a blog on this some tme ago but I can't remember who at this moment in time), or bugs in Pdmworks that is being fixed at this moment but is not in sp2.0.


                      If you are not using either of these then 2013 is very stable in the work I do except for the above mentioned.

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                        Brian Putnam

                        We upgraded this weekend.  So far, no problems.  We work on very large assemblies nested to multiple levels. 

                        My main feature that I was looking for is the ability to pick reference planes from deeper levels and add them as favorites to my current level.

                        The only "gotcha" I have found so far is the measurement tool defaults to points, which confused me for a little as I was trying to get the distance between 2 cylindrical tubes.

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                          John Walden

                          We usually wait till sp 1 or later, but this time we jumped to 2013 at sp 0, and have had no regrets.


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                            Chris Challinor

                            I think the "new" section tool sux, makes the section line too far out from the drawing view and you have to drag the ends in closer. I have found no setting yet to change this behavior...............why "FIX" something thats not broke.

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                              David Paulson



                              I will respond to your post not as a CAD administrator, but just one of my part time jobs as my day time job is the president of the company.  I am more concerned about the capability of the CAD operator than about the ability of the software.  I am pretty sure that a very competent CAD operator on <SW2009 can produce better results than a marginal CAD operator on SW2013. 


                              There are times when SW has improvements that match with your business.  I wait for those opportunities and upgrade only when it makes financial sense.  SW has always been a great value in CAD software.  But the incremental value of yearly upgrades lacks value.  I will not even consider upgrading SW2009 until DS upgrades the kernal to support multicore processing, which has been the hardware technology for years now.


                              Incremental productivity improvements from one version to the next are too hard to measure.  Greater improvements are made by hiring  a better CAD guy.