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    Moving parts or assemblies

    Joe Kuzich

      Hello again,  I have another question for all you wonderfully helpful people.


      What is the best way for me to move an assembly?  Or a part for that matter?


      I set up my project/job file, then I have an assemblies file and in that a parts file.  Some times I have little sub categories but you get the idea.  I screwed up and saved an assembly in the parts file.  I didn't notice until I was well into the model building and I'm nervous about moving it and having SW freak out on me.  This may be the first decent sized assembly I've done that is fully defined and working well for me, except for that blasted mirror issues I had to give up on.  Anyway, I can leave it there till this job is done but I would like to find out how to move the files without breaking their associations and having SW get lost on me.