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    Which supplier is better?

    Mike Huang

      In this year, my group wants to use SW for our main drawing software.


      Therefore, I contact some supplier to display SW for us.


      Right now, I have 2 supplier to choose.


      First, Hawk Ridge Systems; Another is GoEngineer.



      I hope someone can give me some advices for choosing which one is better?



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          Walter Fetsch

          Mike, we've had pretty good results with Hawk Ridge Systems.  Their support is good and they've always been responsive to our requests.  And if you need a new best friend, just wait until your subscription is about to lapse and you'll have one! 

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            Jerry Steiger



            I've never dealt with GoEngineer, but we have been happy with Hawk Ridge. Having said that, Hawk Ridge bought our old VAR. Up until that time, I was not impressed with the Hawk Ridge people and thought of them as third best out of three in our area. But now I consider them the best of three (another VAR moved in after Hawk Ridge bought our old VAR). In my eyes, it all depends on the particular people you will end up working with. Spend some time getting to know the people at both Hawk Ridge and GoEngineer.


            Jerry S.

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              Tom Bostick

              We had GoEngineer, only because they bought out old VAR. Our customer service went from very good with personal support to almost nothing. Most of it had to do with the fact taht GoEngineer is too big and support requests were sent through a system that took too long to get through. Working in a production envoronment, when there's an issue it needs to be resolved within hours, not days.