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Template problem

Question asked by Daniel Hunter on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Corey Hinman

Currently experiencing an issue with running a epdm template on a particular laptop.  The user is trying to run one of the templates we have setup for our own internal engineering change process.


When using the epdm template on the laptop seemingly there are no options to run when you select 'New' from the RMB menu in an explorer view.


This is despite the user being setup with the appropriate permissions.  Also the license on the machine is that of a 'editor'.  I have tried using another machine with the user and it works fine.


Therefore the issue has to someway be linked specifically to his laptop.


Wondering if anyone had experienced this previously and / or knew of a fix.


He's running windows 7.  Version of EPDM is 2012 SP1.0.


Thanks in advance