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    Drawing View - Wrong Configuration/State

    James Han

      This is a part of our design automation project. The files are generated and when first opened, should show the correct views depending on what configuration they are set to show as.


      I have a part that has a configuration with a notch on the ends and another configuration without notches.


      * I open the drawing and the drawing view shows the part with the notches on the ends. I need the drawing to show the part without notches. The drawing view itself has the configuration set correctly upon opening the file, however, it shows the alternate configuration. Rebuilding the drawing (CTRL+Q) as soon as I open the drawing does nothing. PICTURE ATTACHED (1)

      * Clicking on the part itself shows a green outline of the part, the way it is supposed to be shown (without notches). PICTURE ATTACHED (2)

      * Changing configurations works correctly and shows the part with notches. Changing the configuration back to the original configuration displays the correct part (without notches). PICTURE ATTACHED (3)


      I figure this is a problem with SolidWorks and not a part of our design automation, although the automation program is what changes the designated configuration that the drawing view is set at, but if SolidWorks refreshed its drawings correctly, this problem should not be an issue.


      Any ideas on solving, mitigating, or working around this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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          Jeremy Feist

          do you have the "system options -> Drawings -> Allow auto-updated when opening drawings" checked?

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            James Han

            I noticed that

            right-clicking the view => show/hide => show hidden edges

            is available and choosing the option ends up displaying the part consistent with the pre-set configuration (without notches).


            is there an option or anything that will toggle hidden edges from a drawing view upon opening the file?

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              James Han

              The problem feature is the notching at the end of the parts.
              That notching is governed by one feature being suppressed and unsuppressed.


              I managed to edit the files in a bunch of places while maintaining the error.
              I was able to edit all feature names, all planes' names that are in-use, all custom properties, etc.


              I "lose" the error when editing the part file's un-used planes.
              I have a set of maybe 15 reference planes that I have put into a folder and is there for future use (they are currently not being used at all and are just hanging around with zero significant ties to anything in the file).
              They are currently unsuppressed and when I suppress any one of them, the error disappears on the Drawing file.


              Any thoughts????
              Weird behavior.