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Property import via XML

Question asked by Andrew Dvorak on Feb 5, 2013
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Hi all,


I have successfully imported via XML  a set of property values for a model. However, I was only able to do so when I had the pdmweid set to the DocumentID, which I had to lookup in the vault database tables to get.


<transaction type="wf_import_document_attributes" date="123456" vaultname="Dane_Test2" ignored="0">
<document id="" aliasset="" idattribute="" idcfgname="" pdmweid="55514">
<configuration name="" active="0" quantity="0">
<attribute name="Number" value="150-040"/>
<attribute name="Description" value="WCM BASIC CHASSIS"/>
<attribute name="Revision" value="A"/>
<attribute name="DrawnBy" value="PDH"/>




I would prefer to match the XML transaction sets via Filename, which I have in a list, rather than try to match a DocumentID. Like here:


<transaction type="wf_import_document_attributes" date="123456" vaultname="Dane_Test2" ignored="0"><document id="150-040_wcm_basic_chassis.sldasm" aliasset="" idattribute="Filename" idcfgname="" pdmweid="">


but this doesn't work. Is this even possible?


Thanks in advance.


Andy Dvorak