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Cubby, Network Syncing to Server, and Eliminating Slow LAN Speed

Question asked by Jeremy Yee on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by Jeremy Yee

We've put up with slow speeds working with files directly across our LAN for a long time. We're now looking at reconfiguring our setup to enable local-drive access while using a real-time sync software to keep local drive and server drive data-sets in sync.


Basically we want our 2-3 workstations to have identical copies of the CAD data on each of their local drives, while the 3rd party software monitors and syncs any changes between the stations and the server, including write/read-only file attributes so that the multi-user environment stays under control.


I found a software/service named Cubby ( which has a feature called DirectSync which is basically like Windows Live Mesh (I believe WLM is being dropped by MS). I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience or input as to whether this service will do the job, or if there are recommendations for other software packages to handle the syncing.



Thanks for any imput.