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    Rolling up a shutter door...?

    Michael Keenan

      HI,  Would anyone be able to suggest a way of taking what is essentially a corragated profile for a garage door which has been extruded a given length and roll it up as you would do with a roller door as in a garage installation.  I have tried the flex feature but this only results in a circular bend and not the sprial type result i seek...?


      Any help gratefully received.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          If you just want it to be rolled/unrolled, and assuming you've extruded from the side profile, create two configurations. One where it's straight (unrolled) and one where it's a spiral (rolled).

          Now, if you want to have fun, create a part that represents one section of the door and then build an assembly. Mate the assembly to a sketch that represents the rolled up spiral and then you should be able to actually open and close the door.

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            Chris Michalski

            You might be best to model them as individual pieces like it is actually built and hinge them together.  Then you can draw the spiral and use a path mate to constrain them in an assembly so they move as you desire.