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    64 BIT VS 32 BIT

    Shousheng Wang

      We created API application in 2007 and it run in 32 bit SolidWork2007/2011 in windowsXP. but now, we have a 64 bit new computer with windows 7.so we installed 64 bit Solidwork2001 in this machine.Unfortunately, my App application does not work.what  is wrong?


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          Keith Rice



          What exactly do you mean when you say "my application does not work"? Do you mean SolidWorks seems to lock up?


          On x64 computers, if your macro has a user form then it will appear BEHIND the SolidWorks application. You need to use Alt+Tab to bring it to the front. You can avoid this problem by inserting the appropriate code into your module that shows the user form. To get that code, please visit the Macro Library at my web site and download the code called "Keep VBA user form on top on 64 bit systems". Please note that a free membership is required.


          Otherwise, if this does not solve your problem, please share exactly what problem is occurring. Please provide screenshots of the error messages you get.



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            Artem Taturevych

            There is a lot of possible issue why you app is not working which are not related to platform. However If you are using the macro or add-in put a break points (if you can debug it) or message boxes to see where it fails. If you are using add-in you need to use x64 version of regasm or regsvr32 to register the dll.



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              Manish Kumar

              Provide more description..

              .. Language and version used for API

              .. What does "my application does not work" exaclty mean?

              ..Type of your API app, where you save app settings etc...