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SNL server updating and Quality Control

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Feb 4, 2013

Just installed SW2013 SP2, the first time we installed the '13 version and we are already blessed with the

'could not obtain license for Solidworks Standard' error message because the SNL server seems to need updating.

Between our IT and VAR we'll get it to behave soon, or so we hope.


What gets to me though is that when looking on the forum about this sort of problem someone mentioned that the link provided in the error message didn't work way back in 2011.

Guess what?

It still doesn't work.


It doesn't really do much for anyones bloodpressure to have to manually type in a link when running in an error only to have a 404 screen to look at for the bother.

Nor does it bode well when after several years that this is still the same error message with the same wrong/dead link. Does it really take that much time and effort to even simply delete the offending line out of the error message?