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    PLEASE - Can Someone Answer an Export Question?

    Mike Esposito

      Hello, Solidworks Experts -

      I have been reading questions and answers here, over a dozen times, when having difficulties. I'm pretty new, 3 months, but I have a basic grasp on how to do the routine tasks of building parts, assemblies, drawings.

      My company bought an Amada Sheet Metal punch press.

      I was tasked with setting it up so a CNC machinist can run it.

      I'm using the trial version of "Pro fab Lite" , from Applied Production, Inc.

      I have to take MY computer's 3-D Soliworks parts (sheet metal) and convert them to DXF, send them to our AMADA'S computer, so the machinist can Open a DXF file and select tools for punching.

      The software tech guy at API, Joe, seems very helpful, but he is telling me to do something in Solidworks that I can't make happen, for some reason.


      I have Solidworks 2008.

      Joe says I can "Unfold" a Solidworks part, and Export it in DXF, to the Amada press' Computer, simply by pulling down "File" in Solidworks, and I will see "Export DXF"

      When I pull down "File", I see New, Open, Save, Save as, etc., etc., but NO "Export DXF", that will "unfold a Solid part".

      I previously tried making a Drawing sheet with no Title block or borders, but when I try to open it in ProFab, it is "off the screen" -

      Only by Zooming way out, was I able to see my DXF version of my Soliworks drawing.

      Can any of you nice guys please help a newbie, tell me:

      1.) Is it possible to "unfold a Part, Export it as a DXF, without making a drawing sheet", in SOLIDWORKS 2008, and if so, HOW? (Where do go, where do I click on?)

      2.) If it's NOT possible to Unfold Part - Export DXF, in Solidworks 2008, then how should I Export my drawing file as a DXF, so it will be in 1 to 1 scale, and centered on the Amada press Table??

      (I already tried clicking on "Export Options", made SURE THE SCALE was 1 to 1,  but  I'm not sure about version, fonts, TrueType or AutoCad Standard, Line styles, or Custom mapping) - I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY THE DRAWING WAS WAY OFF THE PAGE, outside the simulation of the Punch table

      I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help, you guys could give, towards helping me learn how to export these parts as DXF's, and be able to work with them, in the Pro Fab software, for the Amada table.


      with Sincere Thanks

      Mike Esposito (luapsel58@yahoo.com)

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          Deepak Gupta

          Mike right click on the flat pattern feature and see if you can find "export dxf/dwg option from the list.




          Try File > Save As > Pick the option DXF from file type.




          Create a drawing and place a flat pattern view and then save as dxf

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              Mike Esposito

              I'm sorry for not responding earlier, Deepak - I've seen your name around here lots of times, I'm assuming you're very well-versed in Solidworks- Can you recommend a book or website, where I could learn the MOST, about 2 subjects in Solidworks? 1.) Motion Studies, and Pattern - Cast Molded parts

              1.) Motion Studies - I've started getting into it, I can make a 4-link mechanism rotate, after making concentric and coincident mates with the faces and holes in the links, but I have a big problem:

              I have an assembly I've drawn, of a sheet metal Lighting fixture, a sign to show an Electric charging station -

              It's round, with a flat front face and rear face. The faces are made of translucent plastic, and have a graphic printed on.  assem- e-charge 2 may 13.jpg

              My GOAL, it to make the FRONT face, which is hinged at the bottom (with a working hinge that rotates), is to make the front face "door" open ONLY 90 DEGREES, then REVERSE ROTATION DIRECTION, TO CLOSE THE DOOR....

              When I run the motion study now, using hinge outer face to rotate, the door opens, and keeps rotating down, all the way around, THROUGH the fitter socket at bottom. I just want it to open 90 deg., to a horizontal state, then reverse to close. I can't find any youtube or other tutorials to expalin how!

              Can you tell me how to make the rotate motor only rotate 90 degrees, then rotate in reverse, 90 degrees?

              Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

              Maybe advice for a book that totally covers motion studies?