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ePDM - Workgroup PDM - what do I need?

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

I posted a question last week in the Workgroup PDM section but wanted to post here in the general blog section also to get more exposure to the question since I have had no replies yet.


I need to know what version of PDM will work for me and if there is any documentation that I can look at.


We are looking primarily for Check in/Check out control, Saving all checked in drawings so we can go back and look back or use old versions for product repairs (saving all revisions), maintaining the link between parts and drawings and assemblies in SW, and being able to add non SW documents.


Our biggest concern is that we have different users that have different directory structures.  They will check in the drawings, parts and assemblies into a common directory, but the assemblies will also use shared parts from different projects (directories) from their computers.

Then another user will check out one or more of these items into a different directory structure on a different computer.

We have been using Inventor and are switching to SW.  Our experience with Inventor is that the files are linked to each other based on the directory they were in during the last build.  Then a different user checks them out and opens them and all the links are broken and have to be re-established.


Does SW work this same way (links based on the computer directory structure).

Do Workgroup or ePDM maintain a link independent of the directory structure?

I have seen indications that as long as SW explorer is used, the files will maintain their links if the files are moved or renamed, and ePDM will also adjust the file paths if the file names are changed within ePDM.  Is this true?   and will Workgroup act the same way.



I would appreciate any feedback I can get.